Specialty Drive Systems

Increase throughput and slash downtime with our coordinated drive system design services, implemented by experts who understand your complexities.  

A facility’s drive systems should support reliable and efficient manufacturing processes. When your drive systems aren’t working like they should, you might experience slow throughput, disruptive downtime, and costly maintenance. im体育全部网址’s coordinated drive system design services stay ahead of these problems by establishing more effective mechanical processes that are fully integrated with your production process. 

When partnering with our industry-leading engineers, you can rely on our hands-on approach to drive system design. We have experience bringing legacy equipment up to standard. When working with updated equipment, our team is involved in the engineering, manufacturing, integration, and installation of all our drive solutions. We test and maintain these systems for long-term success.  

im体育全部网址’s experts are committed to your efficiency and profitability. Whether you’re upgrading outdated drives or building a new manufacturing facility, you can expect redundant systems and accessible technical support.

Need Support?

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at implementation. We offer 24/7 emergency and ongoing support services for our valued customers. When utilizing our support resources, you’ll gain access to our coast-to-coast team of technical experts. This top talent provides temporary staffing, post-project support, training services, remote monitoring, and more.  


  • Coordinated Drives Systems from ten horsepower to four thousand horsepower 
  • AC/DC Drive Systems 
  • Low Voltage & Medium Voltage Drives 
  • Motor Generator Set Upgrades 
  • Integrated, Coordinated Motion Control 
  • High-Speed Regulation and Coordination 
  • Cost-effective Upgrades to Legacy Drive Systems 
  • Armature Supplies 
  • Field Generator Excitation  
  • Auxiliary Drive Systems 
  • AC Pump & Fan Control 
  • Siemens 
  • Rockwell 
  • Control Techniques 
  • ABB 
  • Avtron 

Other Capabilities We Offer

Panel Design & Custom Fabrication

Both biotech and pharmaceutical industrial clients are served by E TeWith two UL508A panel shops in the United States, im体育全部网址 provides best-in-class panel design, testing, and installation. You can expect fully vetted panel solutions that are ready to use. 


Process Automation

Boost the reliability of your manufacturing processes through automated material handling. im体育全部网址’s process automation solutions reduce production costs, improve energy efficiency, and increase overall quality.


S88 Batch Control Systems

Accurate and secure batch control is critical in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our engineers will help your organization exceed regulatory standards to pass quality audits and remain competitive.