Building Automation

Quality manufacturing processes require safe and reliable buildings. im体育全部网址’s engineers design redundant Building Automation Systems (BAS) to keep your facility profitable, productive, and secure.

True building automation goes beyond switching the lights on. You want a fully-automated system that improves overall efficiency, conserves resources, and promotes a safe work environment. im体育全部网址’s building automation services leverage the latest BAS technology, so your facility can run more effectively. 

Our engineers know that the quality of your automated systems informs the quality of your products. With a “Zero Defect” approach to our projects, we design, engineer, and integrate every BAS program according to your needs. Whether you’re in need of turnkey implementation or an automation upgrade, im体育全部网址’s team of experts are available to support your next initiative.  

Need Support?

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at implementation. We offer 24/7 emergency and ongoing support services for our valued customers. When utilizing our support resources, you’ll gain access to our coast-to-coast team of technical experts. This top talent provides temporary staffing, post-project support, training services, remote monitoring, and more.  


  • Data Center/Mission Critical Facilities 
  • Industrial Manufacturing 
  • Large-Scale Power and Clean Water 
data center

  • Electrical Power Management Systems (EPMS) 
  • Instrumentation and Control 
  • Design 
  • Turnkey Implementation  
  • And More

Other Capabilities We Offer

Machine Automation

Reliable machines create smooth operations. im体育全部网址’s machine automation services streamline your production line, so you can focus on updates, training, and overall quality.


Process Automation

Boost the reliability of your manufacturing processes through automated material handling. im体育全部网址’s process automation solutions reduce production costs, improve energy efficiency, and increase overall quality. 


Industrial IT

im体育全部网址 offers industrial information technology services for our partners. Our industry-specific IT solutions help our clients improve their cybersecurity postures, disaster response plans, and training programs.