IT/OT Risk Assessment and Analysis

Give us one to two days and our IT/OT Risk Assessment and Analysis will help you prioritize, plan and prepare for your facility’s future.

What is an IT/OT Risk Assessment and Analysis? 

An IT/OT Risk Assessment and Analysis is an inventory of a facility’s control systems and IT infrastructure. 

Why do you need one?

Production facilities operate on a 24/7 production timeline; this often leads to a complex history with a multitude of “Band-Aid” fixes, platforms from multiple vendors, and security vulnerabilities. If this is the case for you, your facility may benefit from an IT/OT Risk Assessment and Analysis.

It all starts with an IT/OT Risk Assessment & Analysis

An IT/OT Risk Assessment is the compilation of a complete directory of a facility’s control systems and IT Infrastructure. Compiling this list allows for the facility to more effectively budget, plan, and account for future remedial work.

  • An im体育全部网址 representative will come to the facility, open panels and take pictures of each control panel. This process is generally completed in one to two days with an im体育全部网址 representative being guided by a production facility representative.
  • An im体育全部网址 IT team member will scan the plant’s network scan remotely.
  • After the time on site and IT scan is complete. im体育全部网址 will collect and analyze all the information, rating each piece of equipment.  All the information will be compiled in a comprehensive client report.
  • im体育全部网址 will present and review the report to the client.  Based on the report the client can determine their next steps.
  • The report will grade each panel and the network for vulnerability and obsolescence.  This will help the client determine what is the highest priority.
  • Create and identify an organizational structure between IT and OT.
  • Create a plan for improving cybersecurity and potential security threats.
  • Gives an overall evaluation of the health of the network and equipment which can be useful for capital investment and planning.
  • After the risk assessment is complete the next steps remain the client’s decision. The client report will allow for easy evaluation of top priorities.
  • im体育全部网址 would love to assist with future work, we can be involved in the remedial work as much or as little as you would like!

Is an IT/OT Risk Assessment & Analysis right for your organization?

Much like when buying a home, you invest in a home inspection to evaluate an entire property. An Risk IT/OT Assessment provides the same security and information for equipment in production facilities.          
Are you interested in learning more about how this can benefit your organization? Contact us for a 25-minute consultation or to schedule a no-charge planning work shop.

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