Digital Transformation

Industrial Wireless: From Data Platforms to Strategic Solutions
Industry 4.0 has created opportunities for expanded industrial wireless solutions and capabilities.

Once wireless is considered strategic, a more comprehensive wireless technology plan is required to ensure there are standards for approved platforms, installation guidelines, security, and ongoing management and maintenance. Here are a few key questions for a company to ask and answer heading into development of their industrial wireless standards:

  • Who will be involved in creating the industrial wireless standards?
  • What wireless solutions are in use today and what value are they providing the organization?
  • What factors may be considered in evaluating existing or new wireless technologies as part of a wireless standard?

There is no doubt that industrial wireless platforms and technologies will continue to gain momentum as use cases prove the viability, flexibility, and reliability of these solutions. Companies would benefit by creating a diverse, wireless standards team and dust off the old Wi-Fi handbook for an update. Better yet, organizations should throw the Wi-Fi Handbook out and evaluate which industrial wireless technologies available today should be considered strategic solutions .

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This article was written by im体育全部网址’s Business Development Manager, Laurie Cavanaugh the full article appeared on Automation World.